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Basic Introduction to Robotics

Fun Hands-on Exercises
Maximum of 3 students to 1 robot

Phase One: Six 2 hour sessions in which students will build and program an autonomous robot.
  Will be introduced to using:
    • Sensors and servo motors
    • Input and output terminology
    • Circumference formula
    • Measuring instruments such as Vernier Caliper and meter stick
    • Ratios
    • Conversions
    • And much more

Phase Two: Six 2 hour session in which students will design, build, and use more advanced programming concepts. Students will be challenged to complete missions on FLL competition table.
  Will be introduced to using:
    • Data Logging
    • Arrays
    • Sin, Cos, Tan
    • Linear Equations
    • And much more

If their schedule permits - field trip to visit the RTP in Tanner, AL